The Wonder Years – Black No.3 (short sleeve) - Nor–Folk

The Wonder Years – Black No.3 (short sleeve)


Minimal contemporary and timeless typographic tee. A number 3 is printed in white on a black t-shirt. Ideal for a special occasion or everyday cool.

The Wonder Years was part of our very first collection and continues to be a favourite. With a contemporary, minimal and classically timeless appeal, we wanted to give every design-appreciating parent the opportunity to ensure their little ones stand out from the crowd, cutting through the norm with these beautifully simple yet elegant designs. The Wonder Years is ideal for accessorising, whether that be a bow-tie, tiara, necklace or party hat – perfect for a special occasion or everyday cool.

Our high quality 100% cotton t-shirts are hand crafted to our own detailed specification in the UK. Each garment is screen printed by hand, here in our home city of Norwich, Norfolk (UK).

Given the concept of The Wonder Years, sizes are by year (i.e. no.1 is sized 1-2 yrs, no.2 is 2-3 yrs and so on).